Multitasker at Abimaro & The Free

Last Friday my work was part of a pop up show at The Albany theatre in Deptford, South East London. The show teamed up with an extraordinary concert by Abimaro & The Free. It was all in aid of International Women’s Day 2012 which is celebrated on the 8th March – this coming Thursday. The artists were asked to produce a piece of work which reflected on the relationships that women have that are neither sexual or based on a material attachment to the latest pair of Manolo Blaniks for example.

My work was based around the female members of my family, in particular my mum and grandma. They have always been champions at multi tasking and both of them usually had more than one job on the go at the same time. When I was little I liked my grandmas stories of working as a mechanic in the war, which she really enjoyed. It was a job that she would never have otherwise been able to do as even now it is thought of as a man’s world. I was interested that during a time of so much austerity womens roles in society actually broadened and then subsequently narrowed down again into the stereotypes we still see today. My piece promotes the idea that women should have multiple roles in society and should be free to pursue any course they choose.


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