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Hi All! I Have a favour to ask…

I entered a competition to redesign the clothing company Rag & Bone’s logo. If you win you go to New York to paint it on the side of their store in the East Village.

I have got into the last 10 – and now here’s where you come in! In order to win I need to get the most votes, it’s unfortunately not a competition based on merit or skill but popularity. So could you please vote for me and ask/pester/annoy/beg/threaten some other people to do the same thing for me?

It’s important to me – not only because I’d love to see New York again! – well, mainly because I’d like to see New York again! but that it might help me get my work better known and could lead to some other work in the future.

Here is the link – nothing has to go on your Facebook profile if you don’t want it to etc etc. It’s just a couple of clicks.

Thanks x


Soon to be made into prints.

Myself and some other up and coming new artists and illustrators will be taking part in ‘The House My Sister Drew‘, a showcase of Abimaro and the Free‘s brand new songs in association with PRS . Abimaro and the Free will be supported by Bianca Rose and Josh Record. So come and discover ‘some of London’s finest emerging female artists’ including Lakwena Maciver, Alia Ahmad, Antonia Parker, Beth Gunnell and Lucinda Metcalfe whose work will be exhibited in the Pop-Up Gallery all in aid of Women’s Day 2012. The night will be held at the Albany, 7.30pm-10pm, 2nd March. Tickets are £6 in advance and £8 on the door.

This is a record sleeve design for DJ Shadow as part of Secret 7”s project for the Teenage Cancer Trust. Please have a look at it and vote for it on Talent House’s website.

The project will culminate in 700 uniquely pressed vinyls (with a limited edition of 100 covers for each artist’s single) to be displayed in an art exhibition at Idea Generation Gallery in London, Shoreditch in the week leading up to Record Store Day April 2012.

All Secret 7” singles with chosen artwork covers will be available to purchase, but none of the buyers will know who has created the sleeve, or even which song it’s for, until they are holding it in their hands -­ the secret lies within.

Please vote for mine here:

When I trained as a secondary school art teacher we had to do a module on learning beyond the classroom. Developing students awareness of resources outside of school is very important and sometimes gives them an opportunity to explore a place they otherwise would not have visited.

These are some of the images which I made using elements of other peoples work in my group. We produced a fold out booklet about our investigation into learning beyond the classroom. In our case we chose to look at the facilities at Holly Lodge in Richmond park, which cater for children and adults with special educational needs.

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