Myself and Jacqueline Ford are setting a brief for the next PAPERSHAKERS night on Friday 28th October. We would like you to submit a Halloween themed image which can be produced as an edition, screen printed, printed, hand drawn – it’s up to you. We are looking to promote and sell 10 people’s work alongside our own on the night. So here’s a good chance to get your work out there into the public domain and to discover other people’s at the same time. Please get in touch for more details.



Just made from doodling about with squared maths paper. I found it really relaxing so maybe more will come along at some point. Getting increasingly interested in typography now 🙂

I saw this in the paper this morning and I loved it immediately and thought it was worth a mention…

In this years Tour de France, cyclist Lance Armstrong will use his appearance in the race to promote the worldwide fight against cancer. “Chalkbot” writes the publics messages of support and hope on the roads of France. You can send your message either by SMS through the Live Strong website or via the chalkbot twitter page:

It’s worth checking out how these images look. Typographically on the roads, I think they are beautiful. Here are some images – there are more in the photo gallery on the Live Strong website to see:

chalkbot chalkbot02

Here is a video about Chalkbot works:

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