I’m doing some type work at the moment and having fun messing around with colours and layouts. So here’s having fun with ‘R’



When I trained as a secondary school art teacher we had to do a module on learning beyond the classroom. Developing students awareness of resources outside of school is very important and sometimes gives them an opportunity to explore a place they otherwise would not have visited.

These are some of the images which I made using elements of other peoples work in my group. We produced a fold out booklet about our investigation into learning beyond the classroom. In our case we chose to look at the facilities at Holly Lodge in Richmond park, which cater for children and adults with special educational needs.

One of my drawings was used to illustrate an article in Beyond Berlin. You can read it here:


Myself and Jacqueline Ford are setting a brief for the next PAPERSHAKERS night on Friday 28th October. We would like you to submit a Halloween themed image which can be produced as an edition, screen printed, printed, hand drawn – it’s up to you. We are looking to promote and sell 10 people’s work alongside our own on the night. So here’s a good chance to get your work out there into the public domain and to discover other people’s at the same time. Please get in touch for more details.

Barbara Windsor will be opening Wilton’s largest tea and cakes afternoon yet! Bring and buy cake sale, vintage DJ’s, high tea and a chance to explore the building – don’t miss it! The infamous Anthony Burrill has made an exclusive Wilton’s inspired letter press print to sell. It will be unveiled on the day! You can also help raise funds towards Wilton’s Capital Project by baking and donating a cake for our traditional cake sale held in the main hall. Lily Vanilli, one of London’s hottest and most creative bakers will be judging a cake competition so be inventive with your baking and the winner will win a prize. “With her fancy and tasty cakes, her status as a rock n’roll baker is cemented.” — Dazed and Confused

This is the image I produced for the British Council’s Rivers of the World project in conjunction with Tiffin Boys School in Kingston. The school is paired with a school in Thailand and each school produces an image based on a theme connected with that counries main rivers. The Chao Phraya river and it’s culture was the theme for my image, which will be made into a banner and hung along Southbank as part of the Thames Festival this summer.

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