Soon to be made into prints.



Myself and Jacqueline Ford are setting a brief for the next PAPERSHAKERS night on Friday 28th October. We would like you to submit a Halloween themed image which can be produced as an edition, screen printed, printed, hand drawn – it’s up to you. We are looking to promote and sell 10 people’s work alongside our own on the night. So here’s a good chance to get your work out there into the public domain and to discover other people’s at the same time. Please get in touch for more details.

These are some photos of my friends. All combined with interesting lighting effects as I opened the back of the camera a few times to check that the film was winding, as last time I lost a whole film due to the damn camera taking 36 photos on one frame. Also this time the camera decided it was going to do double exposures on some photos.

I’m going down the obsessive fan route. Haha. Also I thought if I was a hardcore fan I’d want a much more interesting t-shirt than the shite you find on the internet. So I make it myself. I also played on one of Presley’s most famous record covers with his name in pink and green, (which The Clash used for ‘London Calling’).

elvis2 london-calling



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